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“We’re not trying to be against anybody, we would just like to have some quality of life when the cellars are running,” Steen said. “The rest of the time it’s quiet. It’s fine. It’s not a problem. But when those things are running, you got a jet engine going across the road from you all hours of the night.” Twin Falls County Commissioners hear Eagle Eye potato cellars debate again Jill Skeem lives four houses down from Steen. She was a vocal opponent of the previous cellars, and cites, among other issues, concerns over the truck traffic generated from the proposed expansion. She said she thinks the Twin Falls Highway District needs to study how the existing and additional cellars are affecting traffic at the intersection of 3300 East and 3700 North. But with that being unlikely, she thinks moving the fans to the west of the cellars is an improvement. “I’ll be happy if they put the fans on the west and if they stick with the same (operating) hours,” Skeem said. “That’s the most we can hope for in a situation that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.” Commission vice chairman Rocky Matthews led the push for the commission to table voting on the additional cellars until after examining whether the existing storage facilities are in compliance with the associated permit. Matthews said the site makes sense for the proposed project as “a spud cellar in Idaho is about as ag as it comes.” He attributed some of the ongoing issues with neighbors to the city of Kimberly allowing houses to be built on the edge of its area of impact rather than closer to the town. The site where the cellars are located is zoned for agricultural use and is located in the Twin Falls’ area of impact. Meanwhile, the homes on the other side of the road are zoned as rural-residential and are located within Kimberly’s area of impact. “The city of Kimberly is pushing houses where houses shouldn’t be yet, in my opinion,” Matthews said. Craig Giles, a grower who stores potatoes in the existing cellars, said life in the country can be “noisy, dirty, smelly and busy.” As more people move to the Magic Valley, homes continue to move closer to land zoned for agriculture production. “The reality is in this valley we’re growing,” Craig Giles said.


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